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Charity Day with the Dlamini Community

CAASA again went out to lend a hand to society. This time we visited the community at Soweto to cook for the aged. The event took place at Emadlelweni Primary School in Soweto. The main organizers of the event were two ladies from the Dlamini Community, namely, Maki Manana and Esther Thambeleni. Their inspiration came from their love for the aged in their society and their longstanding wish of reaching out to them to show them how much they are loved and appreciated. When asked what really motivated them to organize such a day they said it was during one of their door-to-door visits, when an old lady asked them for a birthday cake and that made them realize how much the old people are left out in the society.

“They are loved and appreciated only when they are going to receive their social grants. After that everybody forgets about them. We want to show our grannies and grandpas that we love them at all times and their presence gives us warmth’ said Esther.

Their wish came true when these two ladies approached CAASA requesting for any form of assistance in making such a day possible. CAASA was more than happy to be part of such an awesome event. Maki and Esther managed to invite almost all the aged around the Dlamini Community and gathered them at one place. The CAASA team together with Lusitania Food Distributors had a big lunch prepared for them. There were many groups of dancers that entertained the crowd of around 200 people. The event was officially opened in prayer and different entertainers entertained the crowd. The food was then served and there was over-enough to feed everyone. The day had to end when people were still having so much fun. Esther thanked CAASA for helping them make such an event a reality, which they felt would be impossible.

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